December 19th, 2004

abstract butterfly


Today I awoke with a scratchy throat. I love the way cough drops work. My wife and I went to a mall, only an hour after I pondered how I had not visited one this holiday season. She took me to a jewelry store, where she picked out her main Christmas gift. Then she took me to a Nordstrom's, where she picked out a subsidiary Christmas gift. It was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel, I suppose, though that image fails to appeal to me.I have been deeply weary from this sore throat since we began shopping.

We went to the Down Under Pub and Grub, where they brought me out little meat pies in tart tins. Then we went to Best Buy, where they had every un-picturesque electronic thing anyone could imagine, except the kind of "easy to use recording things" that I might enjoy.

We went to Staples, where I got the mailers for tomorrow's pleasingly material quantity of card and CD and such mailing. If you are like me, and often miss posts like the 2 "would you like a card" polls I've run, feel free to either scroll back one week or leave me an e mail, and you, too can prevent fires in your desolate forest of personal loneliness, with a bit of crackling tinder shipped your way. No need to reciprocate.

I won a nice game of on-line blitz chess against a 1500, using the Saemisch attack against the King's Indian. It's nice to see a flash of ability peer back out sometimes. I plan to have lots of new year resolutions this year, with getting good at chess up on the list.

I will work a little tonight, but right now I want to pause and just be weary for a moment.