December 18th, 2004

abstract butterfly

Fog and calling bird

Today I went into my office to get my work space better organized. Because I wanted to make sure I got in a nice walk, I stopped at the Rowlett Nature Preserve not far from my office at 7:39 a.m. I had not walked this wooded riparian trail since the Summer. During the Spring, I saw many wildflowers on this trail. During the Summer, the cool shady retreats from the heat, coupled with a more wet than usual Summer, placed a lot more snakes in the trail than I usually see--all benign.

This morning the late Autumn leaves lay brown around the bare trees. I heard a lot of birdsong, which reminded me that it has been a long time since I've spent a cool late Fall day in the early morning, walking among trees from which birds call. I came upon three elderly birders--not a frequent Garland sighting--and their pleasure seemed palpable as they walked out of the woodland and towards their car.

The sun hovered a few degrees above the horizon, shining through a dark blue cloud. Fog rolled across a field, enveloping a live oak tree in full leaf. I wandered out of the wood.

In my office, I allotted myself three hours, which I then spent well. I walked through my office in stockinged feet, as I had to take my shoes off due to a touch of light mud. A few moments ago, I banged the shoes together and against the concrete in the parking lot, watching mud fly off. Then I e-mailed myself a document on which to work at home tomorrow. Now I am about to get up, to go outside, and to do fun things.