December 6th, 2004

abstract butterfly

recording Christmas

Tonight I got inspired to record Gurdonark's Low Tech Kazoo-Driven Semi-Ambient Burning Jazz Cheap Cassette-Driven Christmas Album CD, on my 1 track analog GE Personal Portable Cassette Player [Model Number 3-5027], and the little clip mike I had gotten some time ago. I wanted to keep things simple, so I elected to choose the simplest two musical instruments in my arsenal: the kazoo and the PVC didge. I popped in a cassette, stuffed the microphone in the middle of the didjeridoo, and began a session of intense humming, spiced, after the 7th song, with a few vocal interludes. Although I thought my Sony High Fidelity Cassette Tape (normal bias) was 60 minutes total, the fact that I got 31 songs recorded suggests to me that the tape must have been 60 minutes a side. Incredibly, I finished tonight. Merry Christmas, or happy holidays, or my goodness, I'm back.

At first, the "swallowed kazoo" sound of running the kazoo through the didge gave the whole affair a
kind of grisly noise worthy of the microsound forum, except that I am not sure that anyone over in microsound uses a traditional song list like Collapse )