November 21st, 2004

abstract butterfly

onward cleaning soldiers

Today I focus on my spare room a bit. It's very hard to get rid of anything. I just freecycled a box of dollar store crayon/paper/prism/kazoo things I used for mail art type stuff. I want this room trimmed down, but I see the spectre of having to give away/sell books looming ahead. But I am determined to conquer this room. It's not quite D-Day, but I can feel the troop ships steaming toward France.
abstract butterfly

The dreaded holiday poll, for which your personal and confidential RSVP is sought

Poll #389197 Holiday questions

I plan to design a holiday card over the holidays, using my full store of inartistic persistence. May I send you one? Warning: my card may trigger severe bee-sting-like complications among those who suffer from Post-Traumatic-Tacky-Maudlin-Talentless-Card Syndrome! If you're williing to brave hand-drawn holiday imagery, please fill your name and address in here. Feel free to use work addresses and such, as I am not trying to pry into the location of your personal secret lair.

I am inclined to do a holiday CD or poetry book to send out this year, a kind of home-made celebration to share with everyone. Like all of my best creative work, it will be simple, lo-fi, easy-to-assemble, and will strive for quirky rather than pristine. May I ship you this as well? Also, may I ship you a used book of my choosing, to help me de-clutter my life? It's selfish, I know, but it would be fun to choose weird and quirky reading fun for my friends and neighbors. I am notoriously hit and miss about getting this type of thing out, owing 2 book shipments to friends now, not to mention 1 shipment for which I had two concurrent claimers in an unrelated book giveaway, causing me paralysis, which is all to say that while I will strive for holidays 2004, it may well be 2005 or 6 or......but it'll be fun, anyway!

This is the pointless box I add because 99 x 99 is never enough space for people, so this is free space for no reason. Feel free to expound on any subject matter of your choosing, assured of a tailored response space for which you have my attention, or to instead leave the space blank in classic minimalist fashion.

Oh, and if you want the things that are mentioned here and are not on LJ or what have you, send me a personal and confidential e mail to:

G Urdon Ark
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and your correspondence will be given immediate attention.
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