November 12th, 2004

abstract butterfly

true stories

"There are times when it seems necessary to set forth the difference between what we believe and what others believe. When this is necessary, we do it fearlessly, but always in love. However, I see clearly that the oneness of faith we so much desire will never be brought about by our emphasizing this difference, but rather by a constant recognition of that in which we agree. I love to dwell on points of similarity and unity; I love to feel my oneness with others. Next to this joy is that of knowing that they, too, are conscious of the existence of this unity".--Nona Brooks

Today my law partner and I went to Tortilleria Ranchera, where the gordita plate comes with corn masa tortillas fresh enough to savor. Behind the cash register, photos of someone are pasted to a wall--perhaps the owner's daughter, a young woman perhaps a bit older than high school age. I look at these pictures, of a smiling, attractive young woman among her friends, and I mentally supply an entire plot for the life of someone I have not met and will never meet.

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