November 9th, 2004

abstract butterfly

morning speed

Last night I worked somewhat late-ish on an interesting brief. Then I went home and watched an episode of a police drama in which Miami got hit by a tsunami. The plausibility of the crime drama roughly approached that of the "Lord of the Rings" playing on another channel. I would want to be like Galadriel, and pass the test, and recede and go into the West--perhaps Lubbock, or maybe even Alamogordo.

Lately, the news plays scenes from a local bank robbery. As the video shows the robbers using automatic weaponry, a voice-over almost always says "Richardson police were outgunned!", as if it should be a surprise that beat cops don't carry gatling guns. Recently, too, kids seem to want to drag race a good bit, as high speed road racing has a cinematic cachet. A parent and child were killed on I-45 over the weekend, but they don't make movies about what happens when you move life from video games onto freeways.

I'm pleased with myself because I am breaking a pattern I'd gotten into of wasting too much time in the mornings. Today I'll get to work a bit early. I'll also finish off the legal seminar about how to draft jury instructions. The fellow on the audio tape does a pretty good job, but he's so opinionated. I used to speak once in a while at legal seminars, and I worry that I'm opinionated, too.
abstract butterfly

ordinary gifts

"And so is the world put back by the death of every one who has to sacrifice the development of his or her peculiar gifts (which were meant, not for selfish gratification, but for the improvement of that world) to conventionality"--Florence Nightingale

That fellow Frost, with his road not taken and making all the difference, never had to worry about the non-dischargeability in bankruptcy of graduate school student loans.

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