November 3rd, 2004

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I share the disappointment of many with the outcome of the election. I have the distinct feeling that I, like many of us, will continue to say "I told you so" as the consequences of electing this poor government are borne out again and again. I think that the good things in the voting--youth turnout, core left constituency turnout, moderate voter split--were overshadowed by the tremendous and impressive turnout of the far-right base of the Republican Party. It's hard for me to believe that the majority of our country strays so far from progressive government. Already I see the first signs of the traditional voices of criticism that accompanies this type of loss, including the puzzling and inaccurate argument that some metaphysical shortcoming of the minority party leads to a corporate guilt for the sins of the majority.

In 2000, I felt angry with the Gore campaign. I felt that Gore ran a very flawed campaign. I do not feel this kind of anger today. I felt that the Democrats ran the best they could with the candidate they had. He just proved not to be the candidate the majority wanted. The problem in this country is that the southern and plains regions of the country are just so rightward-entrenched.

It's galling that a margin of less than 200,000 votes across two elections will have led us to eight years of miserable government.

But it's over now. I'm sad, but it's over.
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Moving on

I prefer hope to despair. I read some great posts in journals today, pointing out the virtues of hope.
I decline to surrender to the dismay of the moment.

I kept waking up last night, watching returns. It made me very weary today. I'm ready to rest up, work harder, work smarter, and move on forward.

I got a gracious message from someone today, when I expected that the person in question might not be so gracious. I did some business planning for the next few years today, to lift myself from the day to day.

The first chill snap here pulls me into awareness. I do not live my life in regret or remorse. I live optimistically. I find the years threaten to make me a curmudgeon, sometimes. I decline to be intimidated by the threat.

November 3 and forward. Bring it on.
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the littlest things

Tonight I noticed that someone had posted on a lawyer message board I like to read a brief note to thank me for, a couple of years ago, helping the woman in question choose a law school. I had missed the note for a few weeks, so it was a nice surprise to happen upon it. So often it's the little things--the little acknowledgments--that make so much difference. It's not so much praise per se, or fame or recognition. It's that sense of lifeline--that sense that I am here, and somebody out there cast out a note of recognition, as if we are all on rafts, drifting away, and these lines keep us all bound together.