October 16th, 2004

abstract butterfly

seeking enlightenment

We have a kind woman who comes a time or two a month to clean our home. She does a great job. But after she leaves, things of mine are in curious places. My little Korg electronic dulcimer tuner is a prime example. I put it on the "don't touch this" place I have for it, and issued all the requisite cautions. Now, of course, it is moved someplace else. I hope I can find it, because I'd rather tune before I go to the group rather than have to borrow someone else's and tune at length there. It's a petty irritation, but nothing irritates me more than when something is moved from the place I put it, and "put away" in parts unknown. I wandered the world with a lantern, seeking an honest person, but I'd have been just as happy with finding my dulcimer tuner.