October 6th, 2004

abstract butterfly


I see dark, gray clouds outside my window. The storm which a short while ago hovered west of Fort Worth appears to be moving into our area.

I watched the Vice Presidential debate. It was a close one. I proclaim only that I wish I had watched "Veronica Mars" on UPN instead.

A journal is a place to confess vice. Let me confess a vice. I have been watching episodes of "The Apprentice" a time or two this season. I plan to join a Temperance League soon.

I began reading a book about ideas about women and the "female principle" in the early New Thought movement. I overcame my initial revulsion which I sustained after reading the part in the introduction in which the author admitted she had merely sold her dissertation as a book. I realized that if I have too many prejudices in life, then I will not be as open-minded as I might otherwise be. I like to be challenged, so it was really almost fun when the author drew vast, sweeping conclusions in the introduction which seem to me to be ambitious indeed. I'll see if she supports them in the chapters themselves.

I'm very busy at work, but that it almost in all ways a good thing. I'll be glad when my current "to do" list is done.

Despite the immense help answers to a recent poll proved, I have not decided whether to do the National Novel Writing Month exercise in
November. I do think that I want to get some creative things done without my life just slipping by.

For one thing, I want to write and submit a short story for publication--something I've not done in years. My few publishing credits (other than some legal articles) all arise from poetry, for the simple reason that I found people would once in a great, long while publish my poems. I still think, though, that I am more interested in writing something I like and then publishing it myself, either formally or in a LiveJournal, than I am in trying to write a book for professional publication.

As with so many things, though, "I wish" and "I will" are not nearly so much fun as "I did".
abstract butterfly


"We’ve got to come out of our churches and find those who have that spark which will turn into a flame. It won’t work for us only to say, ‘We want peace if you want peace.’ God doesn’t like that. On a one-to-one basis, going out to one another, we’ve got to find those with the spark that will turn into a flame."
--William Hornaday

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