September 19th, 2004

abstract butterfly

On being a gar

"Would you like to swing on a star
Carry moonbeams home in a jar,
and be better off than you are,
or would you rather be a gar?

A gar is an animal that lives in a lake
He looks like a dragon or maybe a snake
You could eat fish as if they were cake
Or would you rather be a star?"
--alteration of old show tune

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abstract butterfly

lavon lake dam day

Today we went for breakfast at Tony's Cafe in Plano, where the nice owner always comes and welcomes each guest in a rich Greek accent. I had scrumptious scrambled eggs.

We went home, where I made progress on the Helen Hayes biography I've been reading. Her rise from humble origins to become a "first lady of theater" intrigues me, and I had not know the Algonquin Round Table intersections with her life. I like the way that constant revisions altered the plays in which she appeared, right up through Broadway opening. I surmise this still occurs to some extent.

I spoke with my parents by telephone, which I enjoyed very much. then I called my nephew to see if he wished to join my hike. He was tied up with a youth group function, but we discussed how his chess teacher is teaching him how to play against the Sicilian Dragon. I told him that I do not play the dragon, so he will have to learn how to play against a much more boring strategy when he plays me.

Then I went to the local haircut place, where the number 3 shears did their customary work of converting me from Shaggy Mountain to Bronski Beat Butte.

I stopped by an estate sale, where I bought a Caesar versus Cleopatra chess set. The Egyptian side used a bird rather than a chariot for the knight. The asking price was "1/2 off 180", but I negotiated down another 15 dollars. I felt that I did not drive a sufficiently hard bargain, but I bought the set in any event.

I stopped at a fish place in Richardson and virtuously ordered my fish grilled in brochettes rather than fried with fries, but then reversed my course of virtue by buying vanilla sandwich cookies at a convenience store.

I drove to Lavon Lake Dam, where butterflies landed on
my hands, shirt and fishing rod while bream effortlessly stripped my bait from my hook repeatedly. Then I hiked on the southern part of Trinity Trail, watching a wild rabbit hop off the trail ahead of me, and two ducks fly
swiftly overhead.

I drove home in the dusk-light, where an e mail from my eBay seller let me know that her omission of the power cord indeed proved inadvertent, and remediable, while meanwhle I already won a new power cord on eBay (perhaps a gentle lesson in trust and assuming the worst).

I thought about things I wish to do tomorrow. Then I watched Julia Roberts on public television among the horse people of Mongolia.