August 16th, 2004

abstract butterfly


I went from dulcimer-free to dulcimer-rich today, through the miracle of eBay. That worked out nicely.

I went to the local guitar store to get new autoharp picks. They had lots of smaller guitar picks, but I wanted a huge pick, which is a bit easier to use on the autoharp. At the first store, they allowed as how they had heard of such things, but did not carry individual picks anymore. Apparently, the notion of a pick as a loss leader to get people into the store has faded. They "allowed as how" GC, which apparently stood for "Guitar Center", may have such things.

At Guitar Center, they had a special pick section. I was waited on by one of those long-haired shy, practical men, the kind that women swoon over, who play twelve string guitar with insouciant grins and call their significant others (frequently, multiple significant others simultaneously) "babe". I explained how I wanted a HUGE pick for an autoharp, and I could see that I was like the Weekly News of the World headline about how Martha Stewart's clone is training Bat Boy, just unimaginably weird. He shyly explained how on Planet Earth they don't have such things, so I bought a regular sized pick instead. Let's skip over the part when I tried to tell him about dulcimer picks, and their wingtip designs.

I guess I will have to mail order something as insigfnicant as a huge autoharp pick. This is why I shop eBay.

Tomorrow I go to SF for another whirlwind trip. I'm to work hard this week, but that's not a bad thing.