August 4th, 2004

abstract butterfly

on non-virtual living

"The mission of the universalist church has been a double one, first to contravert the one-time prevalent idea of an endless hell. This part of the mission has practically been accomplished. . . But the second and more important one awaits fulfillment . . . a fight which shall continue until the real, actual hells, before our very eyes, are destroyed.” --Henry Clay Ledyard

The news media focuses on yet another bored suburbanite who elected homicide over honestly dealing with a complicated situation. I'll never understand how some people think in such situations.

Talking heads use a broad brush to sweep broad generalizations about bland candidates of every stripe in the coming elections.

I listen to a CD of Smetana, purchased for a dollar at Dollar Tree, and finish the first novel of the 1st Ladies' Detective Agency, which evokes a kind of Botswana of one's dreams so successfully.

I'm a bit hazy this evening, recovering from yet another red-eye flight, after a cool but quick trip to San Franciso on Tuesday. Tomorrow I drive to Fort Worth for business, and then focus on an intricate problem that interests me.

My eBay auction of my car has drawn the first couple of muted, understated bids, although the number of people watching the auction, combined with the way such auctions usually work, suggest that the "real" bidding will not begin until the last moments of the auction.

I'm thinking tonight of the importance of a particular kind of personal integrity.

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abstract butterfly

Live giveaway

Travel sometimes throws off my sleep schedule. I decided to take advantage of this bout of insomnia to pick out some books to give away. If you'd like a book, then leave a comment below. The first comment as to each book will "get the book". If you're someone who likes to exchange, then I'm always open to make it an exchange rather than a giveaway.

The procedure is: (a)leave a comment what you want and (b) put your address in the poll window below.

I chose a potpourri of widely different books, all "reading copies" rather than particularly impressive editions, i.e., they look like they've been read rather than cherished. They're things that I've enjoyed, and which I'm now ready to pass on.

I have a few books I've promised already to mail to someone, and I won't forget that promise. But would you like a book?

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