July 24th, 2004

abstract butterfly

over the sea to skye

Today I spent most of the day at the office, doing some work but also doing much organizing. On the way home, I stopped at the Filipino place which has a Saturday lunch buffet. The food always seems like comfort food to me, as even though I did not grow up eating Filipino cuisine, I can draw a few mental analogies.

This afternoon I walked on the Chisholm trail. A wild duck and her four ducklings swam in the small creek. The water flow across a miniature spillway pushed hundreds of mosquito fish by me very quickly. A coming thunderstorm threatened, but did not materialize.

I stopped by Goodwill, where I bought a book of Auden poems, a novel, and a CD called "Early English Music". I was excited as I opened the tattered jewel case, because it had "Skye", one of my favorite songs. But the jewel case was empty.
I was bereft of/at Goodwill.

Now we go to walk the pond.