July 18th, 2004

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comparing notes

""The only way men and women can reliably form and transform beliefs is through the sharing of tradition and new insights and through the cooperative criticism and testing of tradition and insight. In other words, people must sincerely work with each other in order to give reliable form and expression to faith. This is the only way freedom from tyranny can be fulfilled in freedom with justice and truth"
--James Luther Adams

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abstract butterfly

A new LiveJournal google game

Lately I've been enjoying a new LiveJournal game.

Here's how to play:

Go to google. Then enter two words. One word is the LJ user id of one of your friends' list folks. The other word is an idiosyncratic word that you imagine appears in that person's public posts often. The result can be, voila!, a list of posts by that person about the topic in question. This can be really fun, because when you read what someone has read about topic x in one burst, you really get a sense of continuity as to the writer's journal.

It's easy for the reader to anticipate the self-obsessed second chapter to this game. Go to google, and enter your own LJ user id and words you imagine you use a lot. If, like me, you're intrigued by your own navel, this, too can be a fascinating way to see how your thinking evolves.

This game works well with both odd words consistent with your hobbies and fascinations, and with words such as "happy", "sad", depressed" and "crush". Google links are hit and miss, which adds a nice randomness to it all.

In general, it's one more way to see where weblogs fit into the great googleverse, and it's kinda fun reading.
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sleep patterns, weather patterns

"Another advantage of a mathematical statement is that it is so definite that it might be definitely wrong; and if it is found to be wrong, there is a plenteous choice of amendments ready in the mathematicians' stock of formulae. Some verbal statements have not this merit; they are so vague that they could hardly be wrong, and are correspondingly useless." --Lewis Fry Richardson

I went back to sleep in late morning, awaking at 2:30 p.m., sleeping off the ill effects of insomnia. I did some cleaning and sorting of things to thow away. After a stop at Dickey's barbecue, I went to the Princeton Village Flea Market, in rural Princeton, some half an hour away. I did not see either anything to buy or anything to not buy but think fondly about. I went to the little aluminum snow cone building by the Princeton market, and got a large bubble gum snowcone. It came with a piece of bubble gum.

We had a "cold front" this weekend, which keeps temperatures in the seventies. I plan to take a long walk in the coming cool. I spoke with my friend Gene, and we resolved that he and my wife and I will take a long weekend together soon.
I found myself unable to supply interesting things during conversation, but it is nice to have friends close enough that it does not matter.

Yesterday, as I drove in our neighborhood, a mockingbird passed in mid-air, with a huge grasshopper in his mouth. He dropped the grasshopper, and the flurry of my car being nearby allowed the grasshopper to make a quick escape. I remember hiking five years ago in the Angeles National Forest when I spotted an owl in mid-air, holding a snake, just like on the Mexican coin. The grasshopper and the mockingbird were not similar, but somehow still evocative.
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snippets of songs

It's those little lines from songs which just "grab" me and make me catch my breath. Sometimes the line appears in a song whose lyrics or melody overall really doesn't grab me at all--but a single line of words or music caresses my mind like a kiss. Last year it was Michelle Branch singing "hold me" in the Santana song "Game of Love", coupled with the bursting guitar line a few moments later. This month it has been the Flower Kings' cover of "Cinema Show". When the song reaches the line "can she be late for her cinema show?", and the singer heads up into a gorgeous falsetto on the word "show", it makes me have that inner feeling that is the closest thing to an outer shiver. The rest of the song is just fine, but it's that one moment. I wish sometimes to live in the one moment of a snippet of a song eternally.