July 3rd, 2004

Redwire Station

12 Personal Proverbs

Do you have proverbs by which you live? I do, and find that while they are sometimes trite, they are part of the fabric of how I live.

They don't have to be original to you. They don't have to be in holy books. They can just be yours, and only yours. They can be the deepest profundities, or greeting card verse, or both. But they have to be yours, adopted children you raise and show pictures of to everyone. They come in large families--cheaper by the dozen.

Here are twelve of mine:

1. Make sure the trip is worth the travel.
2. We often become what we fear the most.
3. Never threaten, just do.
4. You can say almost anything to almost anyone if you say it in just the right way.
5. Worry more about whether you were kind than whether you were right or strong.
6. I value the most the people who are plain in the best sense.
7. I am constantly surprised and overjoyed when people exceed my low expectations for them.
8. Never trust anyone. Try to be kind to everyone.
9. Frauds are the nicest people.
10. We are each the jailors of our self-created prisons.
11. When you achieve that moment of flow, you can accomplish anything.
12. Nothing is better than that moment when you realize you're really communicating with someone, and you know, from their eyes or their words, they've just realized it, too.

Not exactly a life's credo, but perhaps as good a self-portrait as any pixels might be. I do not think I will go into the greeting card business, though.
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