May 28th, 2004

abstract butterfly

Minding the store

"Nothing can be simply other than mind, but there are innumerable ways and degrees in which this mind or experience can be other than that mind or experience. Language in no sense about mind is language idling, doing no useful work. After three thousand years of trying to find something simply other-than-mind to talk about why not try to talk adequately about mind in its inexhaustibly various possible forms?"--Charles Hartshorne

Today I caught a city bus from my office. The bus was going one way, but after I conferred with the driver, we decided that to get to my destination train station, I must go the other way. Later, he picked me up when his route circled back around.
Then we both agreed that we had been thinking about the dilemmae of route, and that I could have gone the right way by going the way we originally thought was wrong.

He worked out for me a new route to take from the Garland Transit Center in order to help me get way north, closer than the Parker Road train station, which is a short drive from my home. Instead of riding a train to the southwest and then to the north (Dallas' train having an "all roads lead to Rome" routing approach), I would instead take a bus to Arapaho train station,very near my final destination.
But the bus took longer, because the shortest way between two points is not always the quickest. I feel like a circuit rider in the precincts of chance sometimes.

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