May 25th, 2004

abstract butterfly


Yesterday during the lunch hour I went for a walk at Spring Creek Nature Preserve. I enjoyed the brief walk, which includes a space in which the last Spring wildflowers are still in bloom.

On the drive back to my office, I suddenly had a huge blowout. I was able to limp my car back into our office parking lot. The back left tire was completely shredded. I set the matter aside until I could deal with it at the end of the day. Then I found that I could locate neither the tool that permits me to remove the wheel, nor my AAA card. My wife came and picked me up, and last night provided me with my copy of the new AAA card.

This is my second flat tire this year, which is at least twice as many as I have in the average year. I'll deal with it this morning, after my morning appointment. I'll soon be a regular at the Discount Tire outlet.

In other news, I see that our local state comptroller has reversed herself and agreed that Unitarian Universalists are a religion for tax purposes. The reversal came after her staff counsel attorney reviewed the situation for her. I am glad that a foregone conclusion was reached early in the process, but amused/puzzled that she went to such lengths to argue about something so obvious.

I visited the record label message board yesterday. is an ambient label which puts out a fair bit of stuff that I like. Like many such labels, it is run essentially by one fellow. He does an amazing job, with a top flight catalog in his own label, and a strong on-line store of other labels' artists. His jewel case inserts feature his own cover art, which is a pleasure to view. I noticed that the new releases have really slowed since the middle of last year. He had a message post up explaining various challenges he'd faced--nothing startling, just the routine stresses of life and romance. Predictably, one message board poster felt the need to harangue him that sometimes orders take five or more business days to process instead of one. Sometimes I think that some people work hard to release ornate butterflies into the wild, while other folks just sit around and try the pick the wings off butterflies. If you pick all the wings off all the butterflies, then the world will become a colorful-wing-free zone.

I think that running a small time record label would be great fun. I'd want to focus only on experimental music of one form or another. But I think I'll focus on the job I have right now, and leave such daydreams for another time.
abstract butterfly

The difference between cobblestone and rubble

"Will you consider with me the possibility of creating a new world out of scientific knowledge and accumulated faith? Have we not come to a place where it is necessary to rename and remake our world? Has mankind any longer a choice? Isn't it likely that unless we rebuild our world that it may be changed for us in a most disastrous way? Then the rebuilding will have to be done later and with rubble".
--Rebecca Beard

I listened to the news yesterday, and learned that things overseas are to go on much as before, only they are to be entirely different. These delighful asynchronies would frustrate me if they did not intrigue me, or would intrigue me if they did not already frustrate me.

The robot hummed like a 17-year cicada as the scythe it used instead of an arm swung through a full field, reaping the fullest harvest.

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