May 15th, 2004

abstract butterfly


My cold is slowly dissipating, so that I can be active today, but at 3/4 speed. I can't seem to sleep the night through, but when I got up in the middle of the night, a movie I really like (but whose name eludes me now in wakefulness) came on, a sure guarantor that I would relax and then fall asleep.

When I look above my computer, I see a semi-circular window arc that is the closest my tract home comes to flair. The clouds all look white, with the vaguest pale blue shading.

I read a couple of journals not on my friends' list that I really like today. I ran across a friend's post I found really meaningful in the most unexpected place today, in a stranger's memories list.
I think to myself how fascinating people truly are, and how little I understand everything everyone copes with everyday.

I think I'll splurge and get a doughnut shop cinnamon roll today.
Also, I'll take things slowly, and try to see anything in bloom.
Perhaps tonight I'll be up for the dinner we hope to have with another couple. But now I must shower, and go do a little work chore in downtown Dallas, and daydream about doing something quirky fun.