May 2nd, 2004

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I Can See for Miles and Miles (the Liberation through Mundane Details Poll, or Lazarus the Cat)

I freely confess that I enjoy reading other folks' weblogs. This is the part of weblogging I never expected--to make friends on-line. I always imagined I would write a weblog mostly to provide information or just practice being a better writer. I also never dreamed that I would become a worse proofreader, but let's save that for another time.

I must confess, though, that your stories always interest me. Some stories and some journals drive me to frequent comments. Some journals I truly enjoy rarely inspire comments from me at all. But I'm a limited reed, really, less a mighty oak than a kinda offbeat scrub oak, out there growing mid-chapparal. So I'll make the further, and arguably more damaging confession, that I sometimes try to "visualize" my LJ friends more than just reading their words. I often do ask questions as they arise, but I also sometimes bite my tongue (ouch!).

I don't mean so much the "how does he look/how does she look" stuff, other than normal human curiosity, because I don't see LiveJournal as one more evaluation ground for things as silly as looks. I was just thinking tonight, watching Tina Fey, how aplomb transforms folks from one thing to another in everyone's minds, and the ways of the gods are obscure to people, but no doubt clear to alpacas.

I mean instead that it has become my strong suspicion that each of you is actually a person behind that monitor, and sometimes I want to indulge my curiosity by asking plot points. I tend to be frank about doing so, although I notice I can use five words in a comment or e mail where one word would clearly more than suffice, sometimes. But why be coy or even wordy? Why not ask away?

So will you join me in a poll in which I ask the trivia? I'm not worried about your personal intimacies, or your darkest secrets. Heaven knows the world has enough passionate intimacies and painful secrets without my needing to seek any out. I'm more interested in the stuff that not even your wonderful pictures always show. Even with photos, it's so hard to "picture" people. I want the images Kodak can't capture. So I wrote a poll full of questions. I didn't ask shoe size this time, but perhaps you can fill in a few blanks for me.
I did make the poll too American-centric in one regard, so please substitute "prime minister" or other head of state where appropriate.

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abstract butterfly

Poll interpretation

Thanks so much to so many people for participating in my last poll. I always feel that I learn so much from answers set into such small spaces. Someone suggested I
set forth an analysis of what the poll answers mean. I oblige:

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