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February 15th, 2004


"Watcher of the skies, watcher of all
His is a world alone--no world is his own,
He whom life can no longer surprise,
Raising his eyes, beholds a planet unknown"
--old Genesis song (mellotron omitted)

on living life rather than reading about itCollapse )


"[I]t turns out there are three avenues that lead up to meaning fulfillment: First, doing a deed or creating a work;second, experiencing something or encountering someone,in other words, meaning can be found not only in work but also in love. Most important, however, is the third avenue.Facing a fate we cannot change,we are called upon to make the best of it by rising above ourselves and growing beyond our ourselves, in a word, by changing ourselves"--Viktor Frankl

Today the morning sun melted the thick carpet of snow. We heard a handbell choir play a benediction, using swinging hands and muted mallet strokes. I read Michael Crichton's popular novel about time travel to the 14th Century, with its reminder that a respect for the worth and dignity of every human being is a precious thing. I worked at my office for a while, and then drove home past a creek where hundreds of ducks, tame and wild, swam together. I walked in the dark winter twilight past the park pond with the fountain which shoots water up towards Heaven. We watched the movie "Iron Jawed Angels" about the struggle for womens' suffrage in the United States, and the activist Alice Paul. I resolved to see my life less as a trap to be escaped and more as an unlikely platform which I might ascend, and use to do good.