December 31st, 2003

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The moments between

At the rehearsal dinner for my wedding, I gave a poor speech.
I did not explain, as is traditional, all the many joys that my then-fiance, now-wife had brought into my life. I instead spoke of the moments between. My theme was that the big momentous "kodak" happy moments in life are not the "real" moments in life. Instead, the parts that really matter are the moments in between.

Tonight I learned that my LJ friend burninggirl just lost her significant other, who passed away of a heart attack on a day just after Christmas in his very early 20s.

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Introspection--list, check twice, naughty, nice

"But as I do my own part of the stock taking and internal inventory that seems to be an artificial but integral part of this holiday, I remain troubled by how simple I wish everything could be, and how complex I want everything to be. I want to have the world made plain, in the palm of my hand. I want to live in a world so vast and mysterious, I could never understand it. I want both things, and I want them with all my heart".--my journal entry for December 31, 2002

On January 2, 2003, I made a series of "LiveJournal resolutions". In the spirit of the day, I'll review, renew and modify.

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an hour before midnight

Dinner at McKinney's Mama Emilia's, just off the quaint square, charming Italian in a high ceilinged, dark-lighted brick building, seafood pomodoro, nice chat with spouse, brother and brother's spouse, marveling at their absent children--"youth is wasted on the young", driving home, taking a wrong turn, watching a bowl game, without anyone being very interested, "2003 was a great year" contrasted with "I'm really glad that 2003 is over", good times remembered, sad times remembered, everyone too tired to stay up talking until midnight, on-line chess, weblog comments,
the ball drops in New York, hiking tomorrow, warm evening,
newly-groomed dogs, years with a science fiction ring to them. I never dreamed so much would happen. I never dreamed so little would happen. A kiss, a shortwave radio, an alarm clock, a darkened light, a TV actor playing to a TV jury,