December 29th, 2003

abstract butterfly

attendance: 2?

Today the second minor setback for my January 24 chess tournament arose. I see the Dallas Morning News has an announcement of a U Texas--Dallas non-rated high school tournament on the same day. This is the second non-rated scholastic, as near as I can tell, set for January 24 which reached the schedule after my tournament had been set.

In theory, a tournament clearinghouse permits one to schedule to avoid such conflicts, but my e mails to the fellow listed as the tournament clearinghouse got a "not me, I'll forward it to the right person" (from whom I never heard back) and my e mail regarding a potential March tournament went unanswered by the new person listed in Texas Chess Association as the guy.

I've already got some concerns about this tournament, because my format is "fairly low entry fee, but only a kazoo as a gag prize, proceeds to charity" instead of the usual "real entry fees, sixty five percent returned as prizes". Maybe I should have bought the mailing labels for local players to do a mass mailing to explain my vision of a tournament based less on cash prizes and high entry fees and more on playing rated games.

I know my 11 year old nephew is coming. I'll be there. So I know that we'll have two people at the tournament. But I break even at 14, and do want to get at least some attendance even if not quite 14. Meanwhile, a business acquaintance has found me a banquet hall at an Indian restaurant I can use for March tournament without breaking the budget. I think that however my January tournament comes out, I'll try a March one based on cash prizes, to see if that will work better or merely differently.

January 10 is the last day for people to get a "discounted" entry fee. Let's see if anyone enters by then. If not, it's going to be an amusing time seeing how many people show up on January 24.
abstract butterfly

the deepest G

I used to be in a handbell choir. They gave me the deepest G in the set of bells. This G rarely got to play, and never had to do any of those cute arpeggios that the soprano bells got, in which wrists rhythmically flail in perfect harmony. But once in a while, I got to haul back and do a sonorous whole note with my G.

They say that silent waters run deep, and all that, but I never quite managed to be the strong, silent type. Sometimes I think I speak three words for each word that might otherwise do nicely.

But it's a wonderful idea, isn't it? That notion that one is not called upon often, but when one is called upon, one rings deeply and soundly. I love the sound of a didjeridoo, a deep, sonorous resonating hum of a sound. In July, giant cicadas make a more tenor version of this sound--a kind of rampage of

In the story, Jericho fell through a solid series of horn blasts. For that matter, victory was achieved in a rather different story merely by chunking rocks, declaring victory, and going home. I remember I swung the low G bell,
the vibration stayed with me even as the sound attenuated. Perhaps this is a form of victory, too.

Somebody posted a message in my Feeder Guppy Rescue League yahoo group, urging all and sundry to urge people to stop eating meat in light, ostensibly, of blitheringly mad cows. I personally envision the group more about not eating guppies than about not eating holsteins. Then the dilemma arises--to make a production number of it all, institute a "pre-approval" message, delete the member, write an "don't be off topic" post, and all that? I think not, just yet. I'll just delete the message, and try to avoid the melodrama. I have noticed in life that there are two forms of message boards. Boards without readers without melodrama, and boards with readers with melodramas. I do not know which I prefer. I'd rather play a didgjeridoo, and listen to its hum remind me of a deep-ish G.