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December 8th, 2003

When we took my nephews to Disneyland, they proved to be non-thrill-ride guys. Their favorite ride was Pirates of the Carribean. I admit that I'm also partial to this ride, which seems so old-fashioned Disney to me. I have some real sympathy with Mr. Roy Disney's call for Michael Eisner to return Disney back down its old-fashioned trails. I remember watching animatronic president robots on Disney's Wonderful World of Color, holding forth on Americanism. Maybe Mr. Disney and Mr. Eisner should have pirate statues on the Pirates of the Carribean ride, sword-fighting pointlessly off to the side.

We rented the movie Pirates of the Carribean. I enjoyed seeing Johnny Depp play his character, and the soupy, fun plot. I feel asleep before the climax, though, which says something about weariness and piratical movies.

My nephew won third place at the Dallas Junior Open. In addition, his mom met some other parents who wish to get chess going in our area.
My chess club seems to be getting some "legs". I find that often happens--once one begins to do something, as if something existed, then somehow it seems to acquire an existence of its own. I rewrote the yahoo group mailing list I set up back in May, now that the list apparently may come alive.

I travel tonight to Los Angeles for a hearing tomorrow. This will be a busy week.