November 4th, 2003

worse for wear, candy heart

space oddities

I always like the part when Mr. Bowie sings "here am I, floating in a tin can, far above the moon". I see that my entries posted count just crossed 1,001. Although I am still 1,000 entries short of Arthur C. Clarke territory, I nonetheless have a millenial feeling. I've read smug pop scholarship that suggested that civilization pretty much stopped until the 1,000 A.D. milestone had passed, as raptures apparently come in 1,000 year intervals.

I like that in the Baha'i writings, it's made clear that the current revelation is not the final one, but is warranted for 1,000 years. I want my revelations to come with mileage guarantees. Collapse )
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    David Bowie, "Ashes to Ashes"