November 3rd, 2003

abstract butterfly

time fluttering by

Yesterday I focused on getting chores done. I went to the chain haircut place and asked to have my hair cut particularly short. "Number 3 shears?", the haircut person asked, to which I replied "number 3 shears". She then proceeded to tell me about her grandson's birthday party, and I realized that many folks I know in the 50something bracket tells me about their grandchildren. When I am 50something, I will probably tell people about poetry instead. "I'm going to play with my poem--it's six weeks old", or "you should have seen how funny my poem was today for Halloween".

I went to LensCrafters and asked them to straighen my glasses frames again. I believe I now have a slightly less askew personal presentation style. I like to imagine that I have an inner grace, but somehow that does not translate into an ability to keep glasses frames intact.

I tried to get a new cell phone, as my little flip-phone seems button-weary after three years, but the Verizon office was closed on Sunday. I hope I can get something fun without having to increase my monthly payments. I remember how, before I got my little flip-phone, I used to think a work acquaintance's was so "hip", while my cell phone was so clunky. Now my phone is old technology. Heaven spare,me, though, from wearing headphones and speaking into the open air at airports. Things that used to get one committed now merely mean one is modern.

I gave the grass its November final mow, although our warm weather lately suggests to me that it might be the "next to last" mow instead. Our two native tree plantings are having mixed results. The Mexican buckeye is throwing off shoots, and seems to be settling in fine. The Eve's Necklace, by contrast, which should be more at home than a Mexican buckeye, shows sad signs of not making it. I resisted the cedar elm, because I wanted quirkier trees, but all our neighbors' cedar elms tower, while our two ornamental trees are quite small, and one is failing. Perhaps if the Eve's Necklace goes I'll relent on the cedar elm.

The weekend seemed to fly by. Yet, I have this positive feeling about this work week. Special Days of the Dead resolution: no more candy.
abstract butterfly

Zero Calories, Zero Sodium, Dash!

Sometimes I wish I were like Mrs. Dash, that seasoning they serve in quirky restaurants sometimes. It's tart, it's calorie free, and it has no sodium. It reminds me that one can have savor even if one is rather light and even healthy. I love that the internet lets me find places like I'm longing for a pork chop, seasoned with Mrs. Dash. In an earlier, more innocent time, Mrs. Dash tended to show up in simple health food restaurants, as the substitute for something less correct or more fattening. But life should have more things without side effects--like Mrs. Dash.