October 27th, 2003

abstract butterfly

one man march

Last night we finished "About Schmidt", which rental we had had to renew because last weekend I fell asleep in the middle of it. We also finished the one about an LDS missionary in Tonga with the word Heaven in the name, which I fell asleep watching on Friday night. I watched the Democrats debate last night, until I fell asleep. The Democrats have a lot of vigor now, which is not surprising given the current national situation.

I notice that since I gave up Diet Cokes, I find myself falling asleep in the middle of many things. This is not altogether a bad thing, except for the video rental expenses.
I began working on my extensive "to do" list. As I've defined the things to do so simply, I should be able to get it done. I also want to write more letters to the LJ folks, which I've been knocking out over time a couple of letters here, and a couple of letters there. I feel like I want to be on a mission this week.

Yesterday at the dollar store, I noticed that they had one dollar party favors which were Spirograph knock-offs. Now that's a party favor to take home and be proud about. I love seeing the little graphic patterns spin from the little wheels. I must remember to get one next time.

I remember teen birthdays with wonderful German chocolate cake and younger days when we really had parties. I remember putting on a simple puppet show for my little sister's birthday when I was perhaps 10 or so. I also remember when I didn't need a car to see the universe, but could reach the entire world by bicycle. I slept a lot then, too, but the days were so full. I am angling to live that way again. It may not be quite like being on a mission, after all, but maybe like being on a march.