October 15th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Balloons fading into the sky

Last night during my walk to the park, I saw a string of balloons floating in the sky-blue sky. They seemed to be tied together with string, so that they looked like a travelling flock. I watched them float off, until they almost looked like birds, but they were balloons. I looked away for a moment. When I looked back, I could no longer see the balloons.

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abstract butterfly

Virtually a poet

The kind fellow at Octavo, the Poetry Quarterly of the Alsop Review, let me know that my poem "The Martial Arts Instructor" is now posted in their Fall 2003 on-line edition.

The magazine's located at www.alsopreview.com/octavo.

Needless to say, I'm pleased to see it in print so quickly,at a place I consider really cool.

My first poetry credit, with a small magazine (now dear departed) called Kalliope, took something like eight months to reach print. It's a brave new, if poetic, world.