October 14th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Caffeine cessation, day 3

Snippy? Maybe a little. Foggy, edging slightly toward headache? Well, yes, now that you ask. Water? Ozarka. I wonder if it's cheaper than Dasani. Wordy? Sadly, still, yes. Productive? Never as productive as I would like (and therefore, little change). Ready for a Diet Coke? No, thank you. Exercise? not yet, but I will. Tomorrow? Busy. Tomorrow?
abstract butterfly

Come along my trail

I find it comforting to have a walking trail I think of as "my trail". It's not a matter of property ownership--it's a public trail--or of any vast store of insider knowledge I have about this trail. I just like to have one trail that is my "usual" trail. In this area, my trail is called the Trinity Trail.

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