October 7th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Insomnia segues into grand news

When I awoke at 4:30 a.m. this morning, I expected only to read friends' posts. I did not expect an e mail response from one of the poetry submissions I did last Summer. But there it was--"I really enjoyed very much...." and "I would like to publish..." and "...in the forthcoming edition".

As one who has for years relied on the pleasing sales of an eBayed self-published chess poetry chapbook (and lately, a side journal) for my personal light verse "transmissions of culture", it's really cool to have an on-line magazine I find delightful pick one of mine for publication. If this were a 40s biopic, we'd dissolve now into a voiceover as I typed my bit of biography into a reply e-mail. I'm really pleased about this. I never like to say where something is appearing, until it has appeared (jinx factor, and all that), but it's fun to just know it's appearing.

On another topic, I've realized that I want to write another nanowrimo novel. But I must make a confession--part of the reason I want to do so is to be able to hang out in Denny's with the other kids, perhaps with a hot fudge sundae or scrambled eggs, talking about books and things that to me are "real". Never mind that some of them are in constant communications with agents, and most of my publishing experience takes place at the copy shop at Office Depot. I just like the ambience of people who think and dream. I'm always intrigued, by the way, with sci fi people who are in serious writers' cabals and on first name bases with famed obscure "hard science" genre authors. What a cool, self-created universe. Maybe I should start a poetry circle--less dogmatic than a church, and so much easier to get people to attend and offer scripture.