September 25th, 2003

abstract butterfly

the last innings

I read a Wodehouse book about cricket in a boys' school recently, which was all well and good, except there was no Jeeves, and it was regularly borne in to me that although I have a good general understanding of cricket rules, cricket slang (particularly Wodehouse cricket slang) loses me altogether. It was rather like one of those hard sci fi books in which the author feels the need to launch into ten page descriptions of some subatomic phenomenon that makes the "technology driving the plot" work. At least it was not as difficult to slog through as the famous novel in which the protagnist gives a one hundred page speech about how important it is to be selfish, which, now that I think about it, might be interesting indeed, if only anyone ever was willing to listen for a hundred pages solid.

Today culminates one set of work projects, while tonight I must travel to culminate one phase of another set of work projects.
I'd hate to become the sort of person who keeps a calendar by which cases I was working on at the time, but maybe I am what I hate already. I was reading "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" two weekends in a row (curious to me that I would want to re-read it twice in such quick succession), and I liked the tag about how the retired schoolmaster marked time, like a naval officer,by the school seasons. Lately my personal Mittyism runs towards being a small town school teacher, perhaps of history or English, who works hard and well during the school year, and writes and hikes all Summer.
Of course, if I chose, I could have this fantasy, except that my suburb is more suburb than small town. The problem with these daydreams is that when one has the power to make them come true, then they seem less dreamy somehow. Maybe this fantasy will have to join optometrist, reference librarian and nurse practitioner on the scrapheap of fantasy.

I must get on soon and get my evening accomodations lined up. It's silly, but I love that "bid a price and you don't pick what you get" way this works. It adds a bit of chance and fun to the mix. Last Thursday night's SF hotel was charming, in its way. We'll see where I stay tonight. I'm amazed at how little these hotels cost, particularly if I am willing to stay near the airport. This confirms my opinion that before the internet, I was paying something too close to "rack rate", while large corporations were sending their employees to the same hotel for a song. I wonder when it was that "business rate" stopped being a very good rate, because I do remember when even ordinary business travellers actually got a fairly good rate.

I have to do my Mandatory Continuing Legal Education in the next few weeks. Each year I say "I'm not going to wait for the last minute", but each year I do. I will make the resolution yet again for the next MCLE cycle, but I fear it's like a New Year's resolution to lose weight. I don't make New Year's resolutions much, anymore, though I do say "bring on the black-eyed peas and hog jowls!", which were the New Year's tradition where I come from.

I got back some instamatic photos I took, and nearly every one was way too dark because I did not use the flash. Sometimes I wonder if I have any common sense at all.

I have a bit of obnoxious adware that's attached itself to my browser, either from an LJ poll I took or from a song lyric site I visited to derive a quote. I know I have that adware/spyware cleaning utility somewhere, but where did I put the disk? This bit of adware is obnoxious. It puts up an objectionable ad, and then graciously puts up an offer to sell me anti-adware software. I am convinced that there would be eight deadly sins if the internet had been around when they were compiling the lists.

Rest,relaxation, and a good hike. Maybe Saturday.
abstract butterfly

Surrender, Dorothy, to the Meme!

Everyone cool is doing it, so I will play the game that's been circulating LJ lately. I apologize, in advance, for begging your indulgence. But here goes:

"Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word, leave it as a comment in this posting, and then post this sentence in your own journal...or not".