September 20th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Goatee Man

Friday night roughly one week ago, my seven year old niece and I put one of the numerous bits of one dollar eight color modeling clay I keep on hand in my so-called art room to good use. We sat rolling the clay into little tubes, and next thing you know, we had arms, legs, eyes, hair, shoes and a goatee. Here is our original work of art, which I have christened "Goatee Man":

Goatee man is intended to be a metaphor for the fun which life can be, if only one focuses on molding the clay at hand. Speaking of hand, the hand model is my niece, Hillary.
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abstract butterfly

Cloudy Colorado-y Sky

Here's a Labor Day memory glimpse of sub-alpine places near Breckinridge, Colorado. I took this on a rainy day when I saw chipmunks play and dark mists roll over the Continental Divide: