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September 20th, 2003

clay feet and tremendous opposition

Lately I think of how we make saints of people who faced their own challenges and made their own errors, yet accomplished so much. I also think of how people are reviled or even killed, just for speaking out.

saints are not saints, but they are people who do saintly things. martyrs are not martyrs, so much as people who are killed for doing the right thingCollapse )

Goatee Man

Friday night roughly one week ago, my seven year old niece and I put one of the numerous bits of one dollar eight color modeling clay I keep on hand in my so-called art room to good use. We sat rolling the clay into little tubes, and next thing you know, we had arms, legs, eyes, hair, shoes and a goatee. Here is our original work of art, which I have christened "Goatee Man":

Goatee man is intended to be a metaphor for the fun which life can be, if only one focuses on molding the clay at hand. Speaking of hand, the hand model is my niece, Hillary.

Cloudy Colorado-y Sky

Here's a Labor Day memory glimpse of sub-alpine places near Breckinridge, Colorado. I took this on a rainy day when I saw chipmunks play and dark mists roll over the Continental Divide: