August 24th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Taking responsibility and then escaping into a poll

This morning I am dismayed to see that my own poor choice of words and insensitivity causes my last post to give some offense to some. I take responsibility for my lack of nuance and clarity. I'd just take the post down, but I'd rather leave it up as a reminder of my own personal flaws. I edited in a brief disclaimer, but it will remind me to phrase things much more precisely, and to constantly challenge myself to find a more tolerant, kind way.

In light of this personal failing, I should draft something meaty and wordy about my own struggles with how opinionated and tactless I am. But I've managed to hurt my own feelings, so I'm going to instead escape into a poll. I'll work on posting more wisely tomorrow.

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abstract butterfly

mirror, mirror

A difficult day. I also wonder how I managed to get through this entire weekend without a single bit of exercise.
Tonight I wrote two real, live letters. I used the last of my Ogden Nash stamps. Tomorrow I have jury duty. Maybe I'll go take a walk in the dark, and think about our weekend trip next weekend. I wonder if I look in the mirror, will I see the reflection of someone weary?