August 18th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Wild berries

Yesterday I got my haircut at the chain place with the alliterative name. The hair cutter used shears that made my hair so short that I need not worry about a hair being out of place for many weeks.

I went walking at the Heard Natural Science Center. A tiger swallowtail butterfly landed on a branch right by me. This is the second time recently that a large tiger swallowtail has been "this close". They have a new native Texas snake exhibit in the Heard. It's quite interesting, though I have little desire for extensive snake proximity.

Then I went to the Sister Grove Park, to walk some more on their trails. It's a combination of scrub tree forest and open fields. Twice I passed ripe berries on a tree--I believe they were plums, but I was not sure. I did not sample them, as a wrong guess might be disquieting.

Last night I went to sleep early, and slept a long while. I've been exhausted lately, although it's an exhaustion essentially of my choosing.
abstract butterfly


"In the nighttimes,
days don't seem too long,
happiness is fading into dawn.
No one sees it, such simplicity,
no one sees it but me.

In the afternoons I sometimes see,
images of suns that wait for me.
No one sees it, such simplicity,
no one sees it but me".
--- old Knowbody Else song

Today I moved from one emergency to another, preparing for several major imminent events at once. This inevitably leads me to reflect on finding balance in my life. I nearly cried today, when I got home and one of my dogs was gone.

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