August 14th, 2003

abstract butterfly

in the maze of contradictions

The hero may have a thousand faces. But I'd settle for just one good profile, consistently shown and recognizable. It need not be handsome. Just consistent. Oh, and maybe heroic.

Lately I notice more than usual that I'm filled with inner contradictions. I don't really mind that I don't always make sense to myself. I like to imagine that I could have a theme, though, like one of those old five-paragraph essays in high school. A stray sentence or two might deviate, or contain a needless grammatical error. Overall, though, my conclusion sentence would match up perfectly with my subject sentence.

I'm fascinated by the notion of what I'll term "historical cloning". I don't spend much time wondering if Ted Williams will still hit .400 if he is cloned someday by the crygenetic-clonemasters. But I do see all sorts of possibilities for things beyond my literal imagination, or my moral ken. But without resort to all that science, I wonder if it's possible to just make me make sense to myself a bit more.

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