August 4th, 2003

abstract butterfly

The 65 percent solution

My personal 100 poems project achieved 60someodd poems by July 31, fewer than I had projected, but nonetheless a satisfying exercise. In the meantime, I returned from my business trip to find that numerous submissions to my Mail Poetry Call came in, from exotic places like Madison, Wisconsin, SF and Brazil. I'm so pleased that people participated, and eager to spend the next several weeks on finalizing a form of simple documentation. I haven't counted the total number of participations, but I know it was neither disappointing nor overwhelming, which is, in the words of the baby bear, just right.

My wife had work to do last night, so I tried to settle in and watch a video. I could not find our copy of "It's a Wonderful Life", though (although, oddly, I think we have two), so I plunged into Robert Donat's Oscar winning 1939 performance in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips". Our video of that movie has serious "tracking" issues, though, which made me turn it off in sheer frustration in short order. I need to dig out the paperback and re-read it for the xmillionth time. It makes me happy. I'm always intrigued by how much more "literary" so many folks are in their reading list than I am. I like books that are a good read, and I don't mind at all a bit of sentiment along the way.

I went into my office for a short interlude, to discover to my relief that no thermonuclear client crisis had erupted in my absence. Then I went to nearby Springhill Park in Rowlett, which had a nice little walking area, with a fishing pond that looked fishing-worthy in a future trip.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if life really gets any better than the riff on "Cortez the Killer", except that as soon as I say that, I wonder if the hand-clap syncopation on "Golden Years" isn't just as good.
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eBay as a pastime for the insomniac

For some reason I can't sleep this morning, so I've been playing with silly eBay ad authorship. I've just posted the lastest ad for Chess Poems for the Tournament Player, while this chestnut is my old standby ad for "Meet....the Scott Me Experience". This week's eBay silliness is those little 10 cent back borders. The "mosaic" one looks like some project from Vacation Bible School featuring linoleum tile.
In my next life, I will sell on-line full time.
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the bottom of the barrel

I note that in my insomnia last night, I even posted links to eBay ads. Is this a sign of being caught in the internet vortex? Maybe instead it's just a sign that fatigue hits me as much as it hits anyone else.

I felt so relieved to be back in my office today. The day was very busy, but I felt that I'm making progress on many fronts. I heard from an old co-worker, which was pleasant indeed. I tried to untie Gordian knots, but found that I'm better with shoelaces.

My wife and I wish to go away for Labor Day--to someplace cooler, with good hiking. Perhaps we'll try that "last minute deals" section. They always seem to have low air and hotel prices, a mere week or two away. I'd love to hike a Minnesota wood, or feelt the cool breezes passing through Canadian pines.

Someone defriended me today who was really pretty cool. I feel a bit inadequate, because I don't feel I stayed in touch as well as I should have. But LJ sometimes works that way.

Meanwhile, the "snake plant" mailing list I'm on has moved to a new locale. Now I get hit every day with dozens of e mails in the chain which vary on the theme "I'm here!". I don't know how much "I'm here" I need to hear.

But I'm glad each of you are here, every day.