July 6th, 2003

abstract butterfly

after the balloon lands

"But it wasn't a dream. It was a place. And you and you and you...and you were there. But you couldn't have been could you? No, Aunt Em, this was a real truly live place and I remember some of it wasn't very nice, but most of it was beautiful--but just the same all I kept saying to everybody was "I want to go home," and they sent me home! Doesn't anybody believe me? But anyway, Toto, we're home! Home. And this is my room, and you're all here and I'm not going to leave here ever, ever again. Because I love you all. And... Oh Auntie Em! There's no place like home!"--from The Wizard of Oz
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abstract butterfly


My morning started with snippets of the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang". The songs were even more saccharine than I remembered, but I still like the movie. I sorted documents I'll need on Tuesday, and went to a Kinko's to copy most of them. I like the Kinko's copy machines, because they personhandle the jobs much faster than our office copier. I lunched at CiCi's pizza, eating slices of cheese while re-reading Dorothy Sayers' "Have His Carcase". I rested a bit this afternoon, while a "behind the scenes" show about the making of "The Wizard of Oz" played. I stopped by Allen Station Park, where the tiny railroad dam which is Allen's only historical landmark is located. I saw sunflowers in bloom, numerous butterflies, a bee tree with lots of bees, and grasshoppers galore, none of which seemed to have locusty intentions. I snapped photos with my new 110 instamatic, the 5 dollar "jazzphoto", and then dropped them off at Target's for development. I've spent the evening hunting flights for business travel, but am taking a break because my imagination on good connections requires a bit of rest.
I'll make a "to do" list of things I must get done before my flight tomorrow night. Then I'll settle in for another evening of rest.
I worked a bit each day of this "holiday" weekend. I'm a bit down in general. But I hate to be down, when I have so little wrong in my life. I think I'll work on up instead.