June 4th, 2003

abstract butterfly

birth place

Today I have a meeting in San Antonio. What a gracious, lovely city. Dinner on the riverwalk, the scenery on landing. I was born here, once, but I have not lived here since I was a one year old. Yet in some ways I consider myself a Texan, except when I consider myself an Arkansan.

I got up early today and began to watch some indie film on cable. I wonder if indie films by 20something actors have any theme other than "bad dates I've been on" and "my search for quirky love". That cinematic montage of "bad dates I have had" appears in film after film.

I have two more anoisblue shower meme question sets to answer. The questions are good, so I'm looking forward to taking a shot at them. I want to get back to gurdonpoems, as well, but that won't happen until later.

I have a busy weekend ahead--work demands, a social function with friends, and a meeting with LJ friends are all part of the mix. But today I have enough to do to think only about today.
abstract butterfly

Soul searching

Tonight the Southwest Airlines flight did one of those wing jitterbugs when it hit a storm cloud, rocking to the left, and then rocking to the right. I looked up from my New Yorker, in which the author speculated about Stein/Toklas and Nazi collaborators in occupied France,and said "my goodness".
I have virtually no fear of flying, but these little tremor reminders of mortality and fragility have their purpose.

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