June 2nd, 2003

abstract butterfly

Showers, memes

I am a person of silly prides and foolish prejudices. One of my silly points of each in LJ terms means that I rarely participate in those "answer these 5 questions" type memes. It's a shortcoming, I know, rather like being ashamed to take surveys which determine important issues like "which Bjork are you?" (thank goodness I am never Robert Bork) or "how compatible are you with the cast of 'Sanford and Son'". Usually, with surveys, I take an ignoble path--I take the survey and then don't post it in my journal.

I realize that this amounts to a form of hypocrisy. But I can take a small step to remedy a part of this hypocrisy. The always-intriguing poster anoisblue invented what she calls the Shower Meme, apparently because its genesis was the shower. I admit freely that I'm impressed, because my own shower time is sometimes spent singing Cheap Trick songs off-key, rather than evolving enhanced LJ interconnectivity. In this interview game, she provided me with five questions to answer. In turn, anyone who wants to play the game from here can state in comments "interview me", and I will supply that person with five questions. The interviewee then answers those questions in his/her journal. Of course, each set of questions will be unique to the commenter. I'm worried that I've already gotten this one wrong, because I forgot to say "please" to anoisblue, but I'll plod on anyway.

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