May 30th, 2003

abstract butterfly

fellow travellers

I like that phrase "fellow traveller", although the context in which I learned the phrase is the "left but not fully Communist" sense with all those post McCarthyesque richer meanings, which really detract a bit from the image of the phrase I wish to apply. I use "fellow traveller" as a concept within to mean the ability to roll along with any set of folks of congenial good spirits and ideas I can understand, even if,in fact, I do not subscribe to their ideas and beliefs at all. Last weekend I showed remarkable restraint at the "under 5 dollars" bookstore. I imposed a "3 book maximum" upon myself, even though I was carrying more than the requisite 15 dollars. In addition to a guide to "Good Fiction" (notable, as these guides often are, for its catty intentional omission of greater authors in the midst of inclusion of lesser, making it an exercise in "did they really leave X out and include Y?"); a book of science fiction pulp paperback cover art by Di Fane, I found a charming biography of the Scots poet Robert Burns.
I'm a fair way into the biography.I find that I'm entirely dissimilar to Robert Burns, but I wonder, even across the centuries, if he might not have been an interesting fellow to know. Collapse )