May 20th, 2003

abstract butterfly

Gene Kelly never went through this

Today the storm and my work abated sufficiently for me to walk over to Boston Market, roughly a block away. They know me there, and automatically start making me a half chicken, two green vegetables, and two whole wheat rolls. I think that being a regular at a chain chicken restaurant says something about me, far more than any of the many grand pronouncements I make about myself and my petty theories about life as it should be lived and isn't.

The proverbial funny thing happened on the way to the market. As I walked down the broad sidewalk, right near the Tom Thumb grocery store, a passing van rolled right into a large puddle gathered along the side of the road. It was just like in a 40s' movie. A cascading wave of water arose from the street, and formed a tsuinami which washed right over me.

How many movies and cartoons have I seen in which a passing car drenched a pedestrian? Dozens, I'd guess. So you'll imagine how I felt part of something large and very cinematic as I continued on my drenched way to lunch.

On the short walk back from lunch, the rain had recommenced, but I didn't have one of those huge movie musical umbrellas, and I don't remember singing.