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May 19th, 2003

damselfly and a 'zine inquiry

I slept most of the afternoon, trying to overcome the weariness and downbeat mood I'd inflicted upon myself through getting off my customary sleep schedule. I'd have a nice long telephone chat with an old college friend, and a nice longish chat with my parents, so the early portions of the day were not entirely lost to my bad mood. But I did feel stretched and down, like Gollum trying to detoxify off paxil on Mount Doom.

neighborhood walk, in fluorescent colorsCollapse )
slice of life, slice of lawnCollapse )
counting my sheepishness instead of sheepCollapse )

in which I learn of mail art, and answer e mail, and daydream of receiving cactus in the mailCollapse )

Family Feud survey shows: Jerry Lewis sold more tickets with comedy than with dramaCollapse )

the chess Don Kirshner speaksCollapse )

A Modest Proposal for a Modest Autumn 'Zine, or, 'but it wasn't a dream, it was a place, and you were there, and you, and you, but you couldn't have been, could you?'Collapse )

swimming upstream

"Now,let's discuss what will probably be your most important decision, the choice of your fish. Oh sure, you can go into the shop and ask for a pair of guppies, and that's all you will get, just two small fish of no distinction at all".--Carroll Friswold

Tonight on NPR, the program "All Things Considered" featured a story on the increased burden which post-secondary education places upon families, teens and young adults. The combination of a rough economy, spiralling educational cost inflation, and massive governmental cut-backs are serving to lift the bar so that the chin-up requires Magilla Gorilla armsCollapse )

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