May 2nd, 2003

abstract butterfly

Not tired, merely tired-esque!

I have had a very hard week so far, with work ahead this weekend. But I am thankful that the worst thing I have to fear is the results of my own efforts, and that the next time a free weekend comes, it won't be filled with ennui so much as gratitude for some free time again.
worse for wear, candy heart

They herded the last Bronco into Home Depot

"I'm gonna miss you--yes I will.
No matter who you are, I love you still.
Will you cancel my papers and lock the door?
I ain't gonna be round no more

Will I make it through the summer?
Breaking ties with the old and new--
Losing one just gains another;
there is nothing I can do".

--Gerry Beckley

Dallas qualifies as a music town. It's almost always had its own indigenous sounds, it draws a great deal of band traffic from other Texas areas, such as "hip" Austin and "we better get the heck to Dallas" Lubbock. It's the sort of place where one can hear great blues or great jazz or great indie bands any weekend. Dallas audiences tend to be quite receptive to new and different things from other cities and shores, as well. It's almost an ideal concert town--unlike Los Angeles, indie things don't often sell out; unlike lots of cities, indie and obscure bands hit here often enough to enjoy.

But this week the news brought word of the end of a great Story of the West. The Bronco Bowl is closing. Some people think that the Bronco Bowl was merely a curious amalgam of a bowling alley and a concert hall. But it was more--the Bronco Bowl was Dallas' own bit of fun rock history.

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