April 25th, 2003

abstract butterfly

feathers and stuff

I love the return of the migratory birds in Spring. Last night I walked in Papago park in Phoenix, and marveled at quail hopping among the cactus. I hear birdsong everywhere I go. I'm a bird lover, but not really a birder. I watch all sorts of birds, not always knowing their species names. I just like their intricacy and grace.

I also like to learn about my LJ friends, most of whom I think of as being their LJ names (which makes for pronunciation issues with some of the more intriguing names like deriasys). So I thought I'd celebrate birds--and my LJ readers--by coming up with a bird-brained poll in which I can learn more about folks on LJ and their favorite birds.

Poll #127977 Birdland

The bird which most closely resembles you is:

The albatross. It's ungainly, it's got a hard time with take-off and a klutzy landing, but any way you slice it, it's tres cool and good in cold situations
The American kestrel. I may look like an over-sized sparrow, but I'm really a bird of prey, and I have a kinda nifty coloration, too!
A crow, of course. Maligned, misunderstood, but so independent and so free!
The scissortail flycatcher! Watch me catch bugs in mid-air!
House sparrow. I may not be unusual, but I have a good time of it

The killdeer is a kind of suburban plover which builds its nest on the ground. When an intruder comes too near, a killdeer may do the "broken wing dance", running along the ground, pretending to have a broken wing, to distract the intruder from the nest. Without divulging any dark secrets, what is in your personal life's nest for which your journal serves as a "broken wing dance" to distract your readers from what is really happening?

What would be the coolest thing about being a hummingbird?

wings that flap faster than anything!
compact size and grace!
incredible bravery in a small package!
it's all about the nectar, dude!
ruby throat, green wings, who could ask for more?

What's your favorite bird?

Okay, you're in coastal California, trapped among pecking birds in a Hitchcock movie. What do you do?

Call Charlton Heston to bring the bird gun!
Call the Animal Planet cable television network to bring some bird seed!
Call the cell phone company and get a partial rebate, because you won't need the rest of this month's minutes
Call Rick Dees, radio DJ, and request that he play "Disco Duck"
Call Blockbuster Video, and see if they have "Birdman of Alcatraz"

If you were a bird, what would you look like?

Which bird would you rather be?

Walter Pidgeon
Rebecca Pidgeon
Charlie Parker ("Bird")
Larry Bird
Hootie the Owl

Help kick of the "bird series"! What species of bird should Gurdonark write a post about?

Using metaphor liberally, describe which bird you think is the most "spiritual", and why?

When you die, you want to go to the kind of afterlife where they:

dance the funky chicken with grace
pogo like punky penguins
do some 60s go go dance called "The Crane" you have to learn at summer camp
do a dance called the Parrot, which is a lot like the macarena, only with more squawking
dance Swan Lake

If you could fly within a two hundred mile radius, where would you visit that you've never been?