April 13th, 2003

abstract butterfly

another day passed, another step forward

Today I set up a LiveJournal to function as a surrogate website for my new blitz chess club. My wife mentioned to our nice waitperson at lunch about my marketing jag, and the waitperson said that he husband had been hunting for chances to play. Perhaps this will recruit a new member; meanwhile, my young nephew reports that his chess is improving, and he is eager to play. A prof over at UT--Dallas, who is also a Women's International Master, sent me a pleasant reply e mail to my e mail announcing my club, wishing me well, and letting me know that Dallas Chess Club has an e-mail-list for chess events. I'll have to try to touch base with the DCC fellow in the coming week.

We went to Home Depot today to get stakes for our new small trees.
In the line in front of us, a cute 4 year old in a sun dress named Lexie roamed the horizon of all she surveyed. At one point, she popped up with a fresh-picked gerber daisy to show me. I pointed out to her as gently as I could that in a store, it might be better not to pick the flowers; my wife laughed and said I was parental even without children.

I sold more books on ebay today, which is working out nicely. Although in some cases the auction proceeds are less than I had hoped, overall the prices have worked out well. My goal had been to reduce new club expenses by selling off old books. The plan seems to be working. In one case, I believe that the purchaser of the book was the author's mother, which is one of those "only on ebay" experiences.

I went to Glendover Park for a quiet neighborhood walk today. The wind was strong, although the weather was warm. I saw a tiger swallowtail butterfly, flitting above my head. I went back home and got my delta kite out, but the wind was too brisk, and the line became tangled.

We went for a walk around the neighborhood later. We met a nice couple around the block who just moved in a month ago. I am no sparkling conversationalist with strangers, but it was good to meet new people. We live in such a nice neighborhood; diverse,
quiet, and friendly. These folks were from New York state, but their accents lilted slightly, in an islands sort of way, making me wonder where they grew up.

I played blitz chess again at the Internet Chess Club today. I beat a player rated a bit below my abysmal blitz rating, and managed to turn a difficult defense of his gambit into a clearly won position. After I checkmated the opponent, the opponent allowed to me that I was "lucky" and that he "had me", but ran out of time. As my "finger notes" (the equivalent of an LJ userbio) on ICC state clearly "If I beat you, then it was pure luck", I considered his editorial redundant. What happened to the days when losers and winners gave a firm handshake and said "good game"? During last night's tournament, I went to watch a game in progress when I finished my round early. The game was in an endgame, which neither player was playing particularly expertly. ICC software allows spectators to "whisper" comments that the players cannot hear. The "whisperers" felt the need to critique the players, calling them "idiots" and so forth. Now, within a broad range, virtually any blitz chess player rated under 1500 qualifies as an "idiot". But incivility bores me of chess players sometimes.
I want to be involved in chess without rudeness, needless sexism or pointless discourtesy. But right now I'm the founder of a club with 2 members, so I have a long way to go to instill values in anyone :).

I drew up liner notes for the 2 CDs, which should be back from the duplication place this week. Next week I must create a flyer and perhaps a business card for the blitz chess club. I mean to make this work, even if marketing is not my forte.

I feel good about the weekend, but I also feel that I did little but rest. Perhaps sometimes rest is the little that's needed.