March 21st, 2003

abstract butterfly

Even in bleak times, onward

Although I never thought I'd be one of those people who writes many polls, I find that I learn things, both real and silly, from running these polls. In this time in which my next fabric purchase will undoubtedly be yellow ribbon, I intend to try to keep from dwelling on the dire, and keep my spirits as high as I can.

I have some critical decisions to make, and some genuine fun I wish to have. Accordingly, I respectfully request your help with a silly Friday poll:

Poll #115185 We All Need Somebody to Lean On poll

I am starting a local blitz chess club, devoted to the curious phenomenon of five minute chess. I live in Allen, a town in North Texas. What should I name my club?

The Leafy Sea Dragon Blitz Chess Society
The Ant Farm Blitz Chess Club
North Texas Blitz Hegemony
Allen Blitz Chess Club
Dim Sum Blitz Chess Society
Zugswang Blitz Chess Zone
Chess Poets' Blitz Chess Club

What peaceful country do you wish you could visit now?

New Zealand
Costa Rica
The Bahamas

Among your material possessions, what is the thing that you value most, which would still sell for less than 10 dollars on ebay?

At what age did you first begin to have self-esteem problems?

What would be the best format for my notion of "charity blitz chess" tournaments?

Cans of food for the local food pantry as entry fees
Cash entry fees but no prizes, with the participants voting among 3 charities for the donee
Cash entry fees , but the winners of the tournament choose which charity gets the prize fund
Entry fees based on used papebacks, which are then resold to the local bookstore or in a massive ebay auction
Run the tournaments with free entry fees, as free chess is a benefit in and of itself

I'm having fun marketing my Mail Poetry call. I've been gratified that my announcements have been posted here and there. What offbeat announcement venue on the 'net might you suggest, so that I can expose the call to folks who are not in the mail art world?

Do you think that trying to do a mailer of my Mail Poetry Call to high school and university English departments would:

bring tons of excited new participants, at the cost of a few dozen stamps
have worked a lot better if you'd only named the call "leafy sea dragons"
run the risk of actually working, but then what would you do with all the poems?
have to give you pause--MFAs writing verse are a frightening thing
just add fuel to the campus recycling bin

I don't need hidden details about your sex life or your other secrets, but do tell me your middle name

What do you plan to do in your community in the coming year to help heal the many colletive hurts of our neglectful society? I need some inspiration.

On Sunday, gurdonark should:

play in that chess tournament in Watauga, even if it is all day
rest, exercise, and read a good book
finish the overdue Nervousness exchange scrapbook, do the mailing on the two CDs for duplication, and market the Mail Poetry Call
Go for a long walk all morning, and have a deep think all afternoon, see a movie in the early evening, rest all night
Awake, Breakfast, Church, Dinner, Exercise, Fun, Good book

Thanks, as ever, for joining in the poll.