March 17th, 2003

abstract butterfly

on finding one's way on a pathless journey

"Claiming very little originality of thought, and not particularly desiring any, I have always been in a position to learn from all sources. Truth cannot belong to any individual, and there can be no religion higher than the Truth" ---Ernest Holmes

"The experience of meaninglessness is more radical than mysticism.Therefore it transcends the mystical experience"--Paul Tillich

I always like the notion, common in the evangelical protestant faiths among whose devotees I grew up, that death heralds the beginning of a long cinema show. One's life is played back for one's critical eye. In society in general, one's life "flashes before one" in an instant. But in the way it was told to me, actually one's life plays like a particularly detailed documentary film. The person who lived the life is the moviegoer, and God is the ultimate Critic. Collapse )
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