February 18th, 2003

abstract butterfly

You know the drill

Which was the defining moment of today? Was it the dental appointment that commenced at 8:20 a.m. and lasted until nearly noon? My favorite quote: from the nice, professional dental hygienist, "What do I need to tell you to get you to improve your home dental care?", to which I replied "I assume the question is rhetorical". My biggest disappointment? The nitrous oxide actually did provide a little euphoria. I always take great pride in being "immune", kind of in the "Been Down So Long it Feels Like Up to Me" sense, only without the personal hippie/beatness (and, perhaps unfortunately, the accompanying wild abandon). But today I felt a bit more relaxed during the dental portion avec laughing gas than I did during the dental hygienest "deep cleaning" sans laughing gas.

Perhaps instead the defining moment of today is when my work computer for some inexplicable reason ran the internet as if it were connected at 600 baud instead of with a high speed connection. My law practice is very driven by e mail, google, an odd law database called loislaw and various other 'net things. I have too many things to do to allow this to happen, and the computer down the hall was an imperfect substitute. Was the highlight of my day instead when the really great guy who does our computer stuff plugged in the anti-virus disk and said "this should take half an hour", some six hours ago? Maybe instead it is that I am here at 8 p.m., post-Buffy, post-Smallwood, contemplating my day.

I am carrying a bit more than I like to carry right now. The good part is that it makes me a bit less self-obsessed, though, sadly, I am still far too self-conscious and worried about others' good opinions. The bad part is that I feel a little stressed. I see now that I am running roughly one silly poll a week. Maybe there's a reason for that. Of course, it may just be that I love comments, when I intend to get comments, but that's a separate post for a separate day. Today I'm just ready for dinner and perhaps NYPD Blue.