January 28th, 2003

abstract butterfly

brompton, ontario

Today I feel much better, and the weather was much warmer. I had a vigorous and good work day. Then I came home to find that the mailpersonnel had delivered a little saddlestitch bit of documentation for a mail art show in which I entered a piece. The show was in the Art Gallery of Peel, in Brompton, Ontario. The "temporary curator" wrote the nicest little essay about the 350+ participants in the show. I was so energized by the whole good-heartedness of it all. I must submit more mail art, as I always enjoy those events. I think as artists go, I remain much better at mowing lawns. But I still weedeat my way along. The booklet was enchanting, and made my day.

I watched as much of Mr. Bush's speech as I could, until the flaws in the Iraq portion drove me to LiveJournal. I wish we could spend even more money on fighting AIDs in Africa--much more money.

Before Mr. Bush began speaking, I watched the repeat of the Buffy episode, in which the seer girl knows all sorts of things. I won't get deeply into it, in recognition that it may be a spoiler for my foreign friends. But I will make the comparison that if this were Babylon 5, such a character would essentially map out the next five seasons. In Buffy, we can rest assured that we are a season or so from learning what the musings mean. I miss Babylon 5, big-haired aliens and flawed final season and all. The episode "War Without End" of that show remains one of my favorites of all shows. I must get that entire series on DVD, but only after I have gotten the entire Lord Peter Wimsey series on DVD.
I cannot believe that Forsyte Saga was on public TV, and I missed the chance to see it again.

When I was young, I got hooked on Masterpiece Theater. The first series I watched was Tom Brown's School Days. I loved every episode of that one, but I soon was watching Wimsey; Upstairs, Downstairs, Strangers and Brothers, and a world of other novels that I carry with me in my heart and mind. I know that it is much more literarily correct to say that one got one's love of great literature from Swann's Way or Gravity's Rainbow. I got my love of literature from Classics Illustrated and Masterpiece Theater.
Any port in a middlebrow storm.

My life's great travel ambition now is to visit Brompton, Ontario.