January 3rd, 2003

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20 Dollar 10 x 50 Binoculars

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Poll #88811 Wish you were here!

Would you like a postcard from our Bahamas vacation? If I can get on line on vacation, then I'll be able to send one from our destination. If not, it will look like a Bahamas postcard, but have a Texas postmark. But what could be better than that? If you'd like one, leave your address here (feel free to insert work addresses and such, I have no real "interest" in personal info, and this poll's results will be visible only to me).

What would you do if the water was too cold to snorkel?

get out my cheap binoculars and look for feathery friends
sit on an easy chair on a subtropical lawn and read Jane Austen
hike the length and breadth of the island, noting all the flora and fauna
take long, leisurely bicycle rides on a rented bike
go up and down the island trying to learn about Bahamian culture, preferably eating lots of conch with peas n rice

I know that for some of you I "should have" your address, but I won't be carrying any address books (not that I keep an address book, other than my internet filing cabinet), so please log in accordingly if you'd like a card. I am not sure if non-LJ folks can fill in responses, so feel free to e mail me at gurdonark@aol.com if you'd prefer to do so.
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