December 21st, 2002

abstract butterfly

Singing pointlessly

I began my day watching parts of the movie Lawrence of Arabia on the television. I always see snippets of this film; I've never seen it all the way through. In late morning, I went to McKinney, one town over, where they have a town square. I wanted to get a local quilt for one of my wife's relatives, so I went first to a place called Quilt Asylum. It was an asylum for quilters rather than quilt products. I headed off, missing a once-in-a-liftime chance to ask what meds best assist with the quilting disorder. I'd love to be able to quilt, as I could then make holiday gifts for everyone I know all through the year.

McKinney's town square shops had a wide assortment of items, bu few quilts. At length, though, I found one which was reasonably affordable, nicely patterned, and suitably sized. My own theory is that one cannot have too many quilts, too much gingerbread, or too many books by Anthony Trollope.

My friend Scott M came over at two thirty so that we could play and record some music. We had time to record three songs during our time together. During the first song, Scott played a great acoustic guitar line, while I played a 20 oz. diet coke bottle filled with dry rice. During the second song, I played the faux didgiridoo I bought on ebay, which is a very long piece of plastic that has been mocked up to look like a real didge. It sounded sonorous and great, although I did not get as much of that didge vibration as I would have liked. For a rhythm track, we used a miniature Pringle's can filled with marbles. Our third song was much more ambient. An electric football field and one of those South American rhythm cones provided the background, while Scott's work on a low F harmonica was the driving sound. We had a very good time, doing this. I still want to write some "real" pop lyrics some day. The best we did today was a fairly impromptu version of Neil Young's "Helpless", in which I changed the lyrics to describe the sad demise of the family cow.

I got another holiday card or two ready today, but I have many more to go. Soon they will Happy New Year cards.